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The Full Story

About the Founder

    Nadira Abdul-Karim completed her studies at City University of New York, York College, in 1998, earning a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Theatre Arts. Following a year of travel, she embarked on a career with the New York City Department of Education in 1999. Over the span of more than ten years, Nadira dedicated herself to teaching before transitioning into a managerial role. Within both the Board of Education and The City University of New York, she directed and oversaw various programs.
     Nadira's passion for mentorship and education began during her teenage years. She established Y.M.S.T (Young Muslim Sisters Training), an organization at her local mosque, where she facilitated group discussions and instructed youth in basketball, step, and dance classes.
     Her upbringing deeply influenced her dedication to youth development. Watching her father mentor young men in architectural studies and martial arts, Nadira absorbed valuable lessons. Her father, the founder of Camp Touch the Earth, organized a boys' sleepaway camp in South Carolina focused on manhood training. Inspired by her father's commitment, Nadira resolved to follow suit.
     In 2005, Nadira founded ISMAH, a venture aimed at empowering youth. The culmination of her efforts came to fruition in 2013 with the inaugural ISMAH sleepaway camp. Reflecting on the journey, Nadira takes pride in the alumni who continue the legacy by giving back to the next generation.

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