Below is a list of things your child should bring to camp.

Keep in mind that your child will be playing outside, hiking, and using art supplies at camp, therefore, new clothes are not recommended. We do not do laundry, so your child will need at least 7 days of clothing.

Also, note, we are in the mountains, days are hot and nights are cool during the summer months.

***Please label ALL items with your child’s name. We can not return lost items without labels. 







*Swimwear/ water shoes


*Long pants/shorts/ shirts


*Underwear & socks

*Sneakers (comfortable for hiking)

*Flip Flops (for shower)

* white t-shirt for tie-dye


PERSONAL HYGIENE                                                                                                

*Toothbrush & toothpaste                                                                     

*Deodorant & lotion                                                                                

*Towels (2) for shower and lake                                                           



*Shampoo/ conditioner  



* Prayer rug

* white t-shirt for tie-dye 

*water gun for "Color War" games

* Composition notebook/pencil/pen

* Flashlight & batteries

* Laundry bag

* Bug spray

* Water jug

* Umbrella 

* rain boots (optional)

* camera (optional)

* A stamped self-address envelop to send a letter home.

* If your daughter has her menstruates, please send her with a pack of sanitary napkins. 


Please Note:

* Theme party: Pajama Jammy Jam. For our welcome theme party, your daughter will need pajamas.


* Fashion Show:  Our "Rip the Runway Modestly" fashion show will require your daughter's favorite modest outfit.


* Talent showcase: Your daughter is welcome to display her talent during our talent showcase. Talent must be no more than 2 minutes. Send props or outfit she may need to assist her.


Do Not Bring!!!

Electronic devices such as, but not limited to radios,  mp3 players, Ipads, laptops, and video games are disruptive to the camp experience. If these items are brought, they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the camp session.

**cellphones are ALLOWED but, will be kept by camp director and given out during the designated phone times.


**Camp I.S.M.A.H is not responsible for loss or damaged personal items. Please leave valuables at home. 



*Blanket (optional sleeping bag)

*twin fitted & flat sheet

*Pillow & case


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